Have you ever had a chance to use a slack line? How about silks? Jesse Smalling, owner of Slack HI, is offering demonstrations and training on the slack line during the Best of Kona Festival at the Kona Inn Shopping Village lawn on April 16th.  Kona Circus Center instructor, Shelby will be teaching silks 101 from a special rig on the lawn.

You will also see the other members of the Kona Circus Center show off their talent in the gym and they will be bringing a gorgeous energetic cirque performance to the Festival at sunset alongside Leche De Tigre at the conclusion of the festival. Come by the booth to win!

Giveaways include: 2 four class passes 101 to Aerial and Acro 101.

 Thanks to Jesse and his team for being presenting sponsors for the Best of Kona Festival! Learn more about taking classes at @KonaCircusCenter and @SlackHi on Instagram and Facebook! 

Here’s Just Some of the Fun in the Slack Hi Demo Zone

Learn how to use Silks! Get a 101 demonstration from a rig so you can fly high soon after your first try!

Jesse Smalling, owner of SlackHi will provide his amazing guidance in teaching you to walk the slack line between the palm trees on the Kona Inn Shopping Village lawn! 

Why SlackHI? Simply because now is the time to welcome a healthy balanced lifestyle and choose yourself. The mission is to inspire your passion and we believe slacklining, yoga and adventure are the perfect place to start.

We understand the importance of daily routine and living in the present moment. You’re invited to a super fun experience with activities that crush stress and anxiety. Imagine an experience that trains your brain, evolves your senses, and cultivates a lifestyle that connects you with your inner ninja! Contact: Jesse Smalling, Owner Operator, SlackHi 808 640-1114 www.slackhi.com

We had a chance to have Jesse teach us how to walk the slack line AND we met the Kona Circus Center performers/acrobats at the Kona Aerials Gymnastics Center! Watch the fun!