The Best of Kona Festival isn’t just great music and adult fun. Keiki get special treatment too, with child friendly and kid exclusive areas all supported by local sponsors. The Keiki area is open from 12:15-6 pm, giving you and your child a generous play period. The Keiki ‘zone,” located near L&L in the back parking lot, is blocked off and ready for fun! 

Here’s Just Some of the Keiki Sponsors and Activities in the Kid Zone

Pony Rides! If your keiki is under 50 lbs, treat them to a pony ride (there are cart rides for adults and keiki, too). Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii’s community outreach program takes its two miniature horses for weekly visits to Kona Hospital, LifeCare, schools and community events. Ponies will be on site from 12:15-4pm.

Moonshot’s area is brimming with stimulating (and tiring) fun! Moonshot’s mission, enriching the creative and physical potential of our keiki, will be clearly on display at the Festival. Moonshot offers the Kona community developmental classes designed for different age groups, open plays, dance classes, drop-off movies nights, birthday party packages and more..

Julie Young is a visual artist, and she’ll be hosting a Keiki Mural Project for all the little aspiring Kona Picassos.

Stacia Miller and Island Keiki Crafts continues the artistic theme with art classes for festivals,  private parties, birthday parties and pop-up art classes in the local parks. They also do regular booths around the kona area.

Sometimes art is best when worn, and Face painting by Alayna makes that easy. As Alayna puts it, “The thrill of the big reveal never gets old!”

Let your keiki run away (temporarily) with the circus! Cirque Hale offers everything from cirque classes to hula. It’s fun, physical, and non-competitive. Plus, Cirque Hale offers massage for the tired parents, too.

Have a keiki under five? Keiki Korner gives them an exciting but soft place to play. The area is gated, guarded, and guided, so the parents can enjoy themselves while the keiki frolic.

Aloha Bubbles is bringing the fun with huge soap bubbles, the bigger the better! They started making giant bubble solution 15 years ago and after many recipes, they finally hit on a giant bubble formula that worked consistently. They love to share the experience of blowing giant bubbles with friends.
They also sell their Super Giant Bubble Solution Concentrate & an assortment of Colorful Giant Bubble Wands for all ages!